Sync2 Activation Code Free Download for Outlook Full Latest Version

Sync2 Activation Code is strong Microsoft Outlook synchronization add-in software. Sync Outlook private and public folders. Sync Outlook calendar, contacts, email, obligations, notes, and Outlook journal between a couple of computers without Microsoft Exchange server.

Sync2 Activation Code Download for Outlook Full (Crack) Latest

Sync2 Activation Code Free Download for Outlook Full Latest Version

Sync Outlook with Google, Gmail contacts sync, sync Google Calendar and Tasks with Outlook. Synchronize your Outlook data with iCloud, Outlook, Office 365, or Exchange account. Clone and synchronize Outlook.Pst facts report the usage of the shared folder on LAN, USB force, or FTP.

Synchronize Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2016 mechanically. You can agenda computerized Outlook synchronization or perform guide sync on demand. Synchronization may be accomplished inside the background, although Outlook isn’t always strolling. Share Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar.

Sync2 for Outlook Full

Sync Google Contacts with Outlook Contacts. Sync cope with e-book and Gmail contacts. Synchronization of a couple of Calendar folders, Google Calendars, and Gmail Contacts money owed are supported. Event-primarily based on Outlook sync, the best adjustments are synchronized. Instant synchronization while adjustments are made on Outlook.

Sync2 interface is just like the Microsoft Activesync interface. No need to switch massive PST files. Microsoft Exchange Public folders are supported. Synchronize unique Outlook folders with exclusive workgroups. Sync all item fields, which include study/unread statuses.

Use your PC, any networked tool, FTP folder, or removable reminiscence tool (Memory playing cards, USB power, or HDD) as a shared folder location. Automatic backup for Calendar a Contacts earlier than each synchronization. Compatible with brand new Windows 10 and Outlook 2016.

Key Features:

  • Sync Microsoft Outlook between PCs without a number.
  •  Sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendars.
  •  Instant synchronization of changes made in Microsoft Outlook.
  •  Synchronize Microsoft Outlook Contacts with Google Contacts.
  • Sync Outlook Tasks with Google Tasks Listings.
  • Automatic back-up of Contacts and Calendar files before each synchronization.
  •  Synchronize data although Microsoft Outlook is closed.
  •  Manual or planned timing.
  •  Sync Exchange folders.

Why Use Sync2 Activation Code?

  • Easy to use: Once you have got the entirety set up, you can let Sync2 for Outlook do all of the work for you with computerized synchronization. By default, it’s set to arise hourly, but you may additionally choose weekly, monthly, or day by day.
  • Streamlined interface: The small interface has only a few options, with the important thing capabilities effortlessly accessed via big icons on the top of the window. The settings are smooth to recognize and will let you set the synchronization to guide or automated and regulate the frequency.
  • Manual option: If you sense the need to sync right now, you can not leave out the massive Sync button on the main window.

Sync2 Activation Code Full









 Outlook Synchronization Options:

Sync2 is used for Outlook synchronization on-demand, at scheduled times or continuously. Schedule any synchronization to be performed automatically regularly to ensure Outlook folders get reliably updated when needed. The complete automatic Outlook synchronization is made on background, even if Outlook is not running. The PST file is synchronized.

Choose manual synchronization type if you prefer to fully control the synchronization process and your data location is not always available (i.e. dial-up internet or other slow connections). Schedule Automatic synchronization – a worry-free synchronization type. The program will automatically download-upload and synchronize updates from Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar service even if your Outlook is closed. Choose from a wide range of scheduling options.
With Sync2 you can Work offline or online and synchronize Outlook. Data changed while offline will be available to your teammates as soon as you appear online again. Sync2 provides event-based synchronization, so only changes are transferred.

No need to carry or share the whole PST file. Filters and advanced options will let you exclude your private data (attachment, comments, notes, private items, etc.) from being synchronized. Include or exclude categories you would like to sync. Synchronize specific Outlook folders with different workgroups. Specify the synchronization schedule for each PC or workgroup.

Outlook Synchronization Options

Operating Systems

Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10

System Requirements

Microsoft Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2000
How to Sync Outlook Folders and Files without Server
  • Download and Install Sync2 on all PCs where Microsoft Outlook needs to be synchronized;
  • Launch Sync2 and create a new synchronization profile;
  • Choose FTP server, Local Network or External Storage;
    • If FTP sever selected, the user must enter the FTP server address and credentials to log in to the FTP server
    • If the local network is selected, the user must select a folder on the network
    • If External storage is selected, the user must select a folder that is on external storage – e.g. USB flash drive or external hard drive.

To add another PC, follow the steps below:

  • Launch Sync2 and create a new synchronization profile;
  • Follow the same steps you took on a previous PC;
  • Click “Finish”
  • to start synchronization immediately or configure advanced synchronization settings.
  • You can choose different synchronization options using: Local Network, Personal FTP server, or External storage device.
    In a short time, your data will be synchronize

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